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Registration,  Reregistration & NABH

CCRSPL with a coordination with Ethics committee, prepared documents as per the guidelines of CDSCO & helps our associates/IRB’s to apply for registration & re-registration and also for NABH accreditation.


 EC Registration, NABH Accreditation

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Ethics committee

Our Coordination with Committee

Canvass Clinical Research Services Pvt Ltd believes in protecting the welfare, rights and dignity of a research with a proper coordination with committee. An independent and multidisciplinary committee makes sure that every clinical trail is conducted by following the guidelines of ICH-GCP.

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Students can improve their chances of getting hired by a clinical research industry recruiter by doing a few simple measures..

Lets discuss the hiring tips for beginners in Clinical Research Industry. To begin with, everyone should comprehend that one can live a minimum professional life of 30 to 35 years. Clinical research career voyage should be fruitful and lead to financial progress.

When students apply for any position in clinical research industry, whether entry level or experienced, they must conduct a survey about the organization and their expectations in certain clinical research job roles. It will make it easier for pupils to crack clinical research interviews and will instill confidence and respect in the clinical research industry employer. Click here to know about the clinical research courses offered by Canvass.

Students should understand the role, duties and responsibilities of clinical research job profile in which ever company they will apply and have done extensive research about it. So that they can work on their own development in clinical research industry.

Learn the skills required to be successful in specific job profiles of different domains of clinical research. People management, interpersonal skills, communication abilities, business etiquette, email marketing, Proactiveness and multitasking are all essential. 

Accept the obligations that will provide you with greater opportunity. Work without assistance and strive to gain the trust of your seniors. As a result, they might provide you with extra opportunities.

Networking is the key to success in clinical research industry.

“Master the art of networking”.

All of the above-mentioned suggestions helped me advance in my career journey in clinical research industry. I’ve gained financial independence and success in the clinical research sector because to these growth techniques.

I can assure your success in your clinical research career journey too, if you will work on all the suggestions given above. Moreover, I hope these hiring tips for beginners in Clinical Research industry, would definitely help to get successful in this booming industry.

hiring tips for beginners in Clinical Research industry

On the top of that, working on our own communication skills, interpersonal skills, critical thinking skills, and other soft skills can also facilitate students to get grabbed by well know CR industries on different profiles.

recognition and accreditation

What We Believe! I believe in unlimited quality & act in all my business dealings with total integrity along with modesty & empathy. The rest will take of itself.What We Believe!Right side of image: I believe in unlimited quality & act in all my business...